This California Peace Officers¹ Memorial Ceremony website is dedicated to recognizing and honoring California¹s peace officers who gave their lives ©In The Line of Duty¹ serving the citizens of this great state of California. This site is intended to be used as a resource for officers and families to share with others the ceremony held in Sacramento each May.

About this page:
Back around 2003 my son (Jason) told me about the California Peace Officers' Memorial and the enrollment ceremony that happens every May. He told me he couldn't really find anything online that he could show people so they could get a feel for it. It took a couple of years but I finally decided to take some vacation time so I could attend with him. He asked me to bring my camera so I could take pictures.

Well, to say the least, it was a life changing experience. I attended with him over the next several years and was able to shoot the ceremony three times.

I was blessed to be able to contribute my images to the memorial website that was hosted , at that time, pro-bono by an officer out of Bakersfield. My images were also donated to the CSSA magazine for their articles on the ceremony. I was also able to give them to officers families and PD's for use in their own services and memorials.

What brought this all back was talking with my son about those years over this past weekend and our vowing to attend again in 2013.

Below are links to the slideshows. They are done in Flash so you'll need to have a Flash player installed. I've revisited them and all the emotions come flooding back.

This website is not affiliated with the California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation. This site is independently owned and operated and the slide show images are the copyrighted property of Jean-Pierre LeClair.